Saturday, August 27, 2011

Epimaco Velasco NBI (1997)

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Based on the Life Story of Epimaco Velasco...A Virtuous man dedicated to duty. Rose from the ranks to become one of the most admired directors of the National Bureau of Investigation. As an agent, he worked hard to solve many baffling cases, and as Bureau chief, he spearheaded the NBI in its quest to solve crimes and at the same time, to curb corruption among its ranks. .Starring Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ), Charlene Gonzales, Jackie Aquino, Jess Lapid Jr., Tirso Cruz III, Dick Israel, Bob Soler, E.R. Ejercito, Conrad Poe, Zandro Zamora, Roy Alvarez, Romy Diaz, Jose Romulo, Edwin Reyes, Manjo del Mundo, Vic Varrion, Ernie Zarate, Tom Olivar, Dexter Doria, Bing Davao and Eric Borbon / Directed by Edgardo Vinarao


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