Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Masahista - The Masseur

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Masseur” in various film festival abroad and i was proud that although it’s only a digital film, it was able to accomplish an artistic take on a very interesting topic.

Masahista is a story about a young masseur named Iliac (played by Coco Martin) who caters to gay clientele. In here, sex is an immediate consequence of massage. One ordinary night, a gay writer (Alan Paule) becomes Iliac’s first customer of the day. But once outside the parlor, his current gf (Katherine Luna), a bar girl who works in Japan, asserts her sexual dominion over him.

Back home, his estranged father died and as Iliac makes the trip to the province, he is faced with the reality of death, love, life and survival. The masseur then carries out his defined duties and roles–to his father and family, to his gf, to his trade and to the one customer who has made him a favorite and seems to return for more.

Aside from some loopholes in the plot, Masahista was able to convey a simple story of poverty which is very common in Filipino artfilms. For me, it’s the second best digital movie of 2005 (Maximo Oliveros is the best by far). I heard it was nominated in various local award-giving bodies aside from being officially selected in more than 10 international film festivals around the world and even winning the prestigious Golden Leopard Award in Locarno International Film Festival in Switzerland.


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